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  • House clearance…the way forward in Romford

House clearance…the way forward in Romford

The entire population of the United Kingdom throws away a massive 334 millions tonnes of rubbish. Every year!!! However, house clearance is a great way to significantly reduce this figure and take unwanted items and rubbish off your hands.

What exactly is house clearance?

House clearance is a service that is used when people either need a part or full house clearance after the death of a family member or friend or if they want to clear space in their home or garden.

What costs are involved?

For a house clearance by a house clearance company, it can cost between £650 and £1500 to clear an average amount of furniture and waste from a standard 3 – 4 bedroom house depending on the items that need clearing. When compared to our house clearance company, which charges an average of £250 for a house clearance (an assessment would need to be made first and a quote would be give) we are considerably cheaper.

Why is Ilford House Clearance so much cheaper?

If you are wondering why we are able to provide a house clearance service at such an affordable price you can be rest assured that we are a reputable, trusted and professional company as we have an LWA licence so there is that we are not a reputable, trusted and professional company.

Unlike other house clearance companies and house removal companies that provide a house clearance service, Ilford House clearance, East London doesn’t impose any extra costs on clearing items such as: paints, heavy duty electrical equipment like TVs and Fridges and other variables.

Trevor at Ilford House Clearance states that We recycle 95% of everything we clear”. It is clear Ilford House Clearance recycles more when compared to other house clearance companies that provide a house clearance service who recycle between 80% or 90%.”

We are able to provide such an affordable House Clearance service at much a much lower price when compared with other house clearance companies and house clearance services because we make better use of the furniture that we clear. Most other companies will charge a further charge to take it to a landfill for recycling, however, we have no landfill service charge for clearing your unwanted items and rubbish as we resell a lot furniture we clear that is in good condition allowing us to provide our customers Ilford, Romford with a cheap house clearance service.

If you are impressed with the house clearance service we offer and you are in need of a house clearance service in Ilford, East London, please do get in touch today on 020 3369 7944 to find out more information or email us at 


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